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Propulsion Engine and DA Control Systems

Diesel Alternators are the main source of electric power on board ships. Automation for starting, stopping and protection along with monitoring of DAs is vital for uninterrupted provision of power for ships. Symtronics presents a wide range of control systems for monitoring and control of marine Diesel Alternators & Propulsion Engines.

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Diesel Monitoring System for Submarines

Diesel Engines in Diesel Electric submarine are mainly used to supply power to charge the large bank of batteries. The batteries' supply is mainly utilised to power up critical applications such as Propulsion, Auxiliary Plants, Weapon Controls, Navigation, etc. Symtronics presents state-of-the-art VME 64 X based Diesel Monitoring System.

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Marine Auxiliary Plant Control Systems

AC & REF plants on-board ships and submarines are vital equipments for air conditioning & refrigeration processes. Symtronics presents a wide range of control systems for monitoring, protection and control of AC & REF plants which includes starters(DOL, Star-Delta or Soft starter), a PLC or Embedded Logic Controller Module.

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Automatic Fire Management Systems

Boilers in industries and Steam ships are used for heat & steam generation. Symtronics presents AFMS(Automatic Fire Management System) based on Embedded Logic Controller Technology which is used to monitor the quality of smoke coming from boiler chimney. AFMS helps in reduction of carbon emission and enhancing the fuel efficiency of boilers.

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News & Events
Receives orders of Control Systems for ATV Project

Symtronics has proved its capability and contributed for development of major systems under indigenisation for naval applications. Recently, we have bagged orders for numerous equipments under indigenisation for ATV Project. To name a few, Symtronics has developed & supplied Tachometers for Main Turbine & Turbo Alternator Turbine, Parameter Monitoring System, Starter cum Local Control Panels for AC & REF Plants.

About Us

With over thirty years of experience, Symtronics is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic controls for Naval applications in India. Symtronics is well versed in on-board feasibility studies, evolution of indigenous designs, obtaining design approvals, prototype development and qualification testing at defence labs, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales support. Symtronics has designed and supplied a large number of electronic systems for the Indian Navy over the past two decades, and the number of installations keeps growing. Experience and familiarity with all aspects of marine electronic systems , including installation, commissioning and maintenance makes Symtronics a trusted source of controls for the defence services. Symtronics has dedicated its major corporate energies to development and manufacture of special control systems for defence applications.

Symtronics has, a team of 50 people in its factory at MIDC Bhosari near Pune in Maharshtra state of western India, with a built-up area of 10,000 sq ft, equipped with design tools, CAD software packages, test and calibration equipment, simulators, fabrication machinery, etc. Support offices at Mumbai, Vizag and Port Blair are manned by trained staff,equipped with the necessary tools and test equipment for on-board work.

Accolades & Approvals
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • Incorporated as a Private Limited company in 1981
  • Member of DEMA (Defence Electronics Manufacturers Association), SEMCEI (Society of EMC Engineers of India)
  • Winner of DEMA excellence awards of 1998 and 2006
  • Vendor registrations with key Defence establishments including MDL, GRSE, ND-MB, ND-V, DQA(WP), ARDE, 9BRD, HVF, CVRDE, R&DE(Engineers) Capability assessments carried out for registrations.
Areas of expertise
  • Design and Development of Electronic Control systems
  • Analogue and Digital circuit design
  • Micro-processor and PC based control systems
  • PLC based systems
  • Instrumentation and controls for various processes and parameters
  • Software design in C, C++ and VB for Control systems, Data acquisition and control
  • Design of embedded systems, Applications in RTOS and VLSI for specific applications
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Familiarity and experience with Defence standards for systems such as JSS-55555, MIL-STD 461D/E, EED(Q)-R3/R4, EED(Q)-071-R3/R4, IEC standards
  • Design and Project Management
  • Installation and Commissioning of systems
  • Software development
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Field Service
  • Administration and Finance
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